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November 21, 2017: NCPERS News Clips
Posted On: Nov 21, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving!

News Clips for November 21, 2017


Funded Status Alone Doesn't Tell a Plan's Full Story: Report
     A pension's funded status should not be the sole measure of its health, and plan sponsors shouldn't decide whether or not to keep a plan open based solely on the metric, a new study by the National Conference on Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) says. (log in required)

Report: Public Pension Plans Consistently Meet Obligations
     NCPERS says pensions are resilient and shouldn't be dismantled if underfunded.

NCPERS: Trying to close or freeze underfunded pension plans is misguided
     Policymakers exerting pressure to close or freeze U.S. public pension plans because their funding ratios are less than 100% are misguided, argues the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems in a study in the November edition of the trade association's monthly research newsletter.

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National News

30 Greatest Threats to Your Retirement
     Saving for retirement is difficult enough if all goes according to plan. However, individuals often encounter serious speed bumps on the road to retirement wealth. Although one of these issues on its own might not spell disaster, taken together, these obstacles can derail even the soundest retirement plans.

How to figure out the right time for retirement
     Deciding when to retire and when to take Social Security requires an assessment of your finances and some soul-searching. Delaying Social Security provides more income in case you live longer than expected.

Overdiversification could be hurting pension plan performance - paper
     A new article in the CFA Institute Financial Analysts Journal warns of the consequences of active manager overdiversification in U.S. pension plans.

How The GOP Tax Plan Actually Affects Your Wallet
     A massive debate is playing out over legislation that affects the lives of every American: taxes. But are the changes under consideration actually going to make a difference to your bottom line?

State News

Lawmaker: 'Votes aren't there' in the House for pension reform
     (Kentucky) Republican Gov. Matt Bevin said earlier this week he believes the votes are there in the General Assembly to pass pension reform legislation.

In Oregon, You Can Now Save for Retirement. Unless You Object.
     The lack of retirement savings among Americans is almost universally bemoaned bu nudging, prodding and lecturing have done little to build up nest eggs for old age.

Riley: Why Doesn't All of Rhode Island Use One Discount Rate?
     Readers have asked me why there isn't just one discount rate used throughout Rhode Island to determine the present value of future liabilities? Why does the rate vary from town to town? State to State? Why does Providence use 8% as an expected rate of return when the State uses 7.5% or 7.2% as is used in Narragansett

South Carolina government going to 401(k) not likely to increase recruiting pool, expert says
     Changing South Carolina's underfunded pension system likely isn't the solution to recruiting more qualified public employees for schools, local governments and state agencies. 

Canadian News

Government of Canada announces Inaugural Board of Directors for the Canada Infrastructure Bank Français
     The Government of Canada is making investments that will help create well-paying jobs and grow the middle class now, while building a strong foundation for a sustainable economic future



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