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October 16, 2018: NCPERS News Clips
Posted On: Oct 16, 2018

News Clips for October 16, 2018


National News

10 Ways the Midterm Elections Will Affect Older Americans
     AARP experts detail the issues elected officials will be grappling with in the next Congress

The Lesson For Millennials From Boomers' Stark Retirement Choices
     Baby Boomers nearing retirement face a stark reality when it comes to leaving the workforce. Almost 20 million working Americans between ages 55 and 64 have no money in 401(k) retirement accounts and do not have a pension. Will they be able to pay their bills and maintain their standard of living on just Social Security?

Pension Fund Outlook Brightens in 41 States
     A record setting run for the stock market has brightened the outlook for most state pension funds.

Trump administration staying away from courts on retirement plan issues
     The Trump administration has taken a hands-off approach to commenting on major retirement plan issues being challenged in courts, a sharp contrast to the approach taken by the Obama administration.

October Rout Will Test Pensions' Wall Street Crash Protection
     Limits of crisis-risk offset strategies are coming into view with the sharp retreat that has rocked U.S. stock indexes (subscription required)

State News

Economy, energy and Trump dominate Colorado governor's race
      Colorado Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is banking on his wealth, entrepreneurial experience and anti-Donald Trump sentiment as he seeks to win over independents in his quest to succeed term-limited centrist Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Emanuel vows to confront pension crisis 'before the end of the year'
      Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed Friday to confront Chicago's skyrocketing pension payments "before the end of the year," but he refused to say whether the solution he seeks will include $10 billion in pension borrowing.

Knute Buehler, Kate Brown spar over pensions, education and immigration in governor's debate
     Sharp distinctions emerged between Oregon's leading gubernatorial candidates in their final debate on Tuesday night, as the two sparred over public pensions, immigration, the state's housing crisis and several other hot-button issues.

Canadian News

'Deeply concerning': Canada pension fund invests in US immigration detention firms
     Canada Pension Plan Investment Board has $5.9m of stock in firms profiting from Trump's 'zero-tolerance' Mexico border policy

Canadian DB Pension Funds' Cup Runneth Over
     Funded status of Canadian plans surges well above 100% in Q3.


Public pensions help the whole city, not just retirees
     Pension income is recycled right back into the economy, so it is time to think of them the way Hallmark thinks of greeting cards.

Trump administration rigging the game, and your retirement fund could be the loser
     Given his calamitous exit from the State Department, you may have thought that the days of Donald Trump doing favors for former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were over. But Trump's administration seems poised to hand Tillerson - and his former employer, ExxonMobil - a golden pass that could ultimately save them millions.



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