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November 27, 2018: NCPERS News Clips
Posted On: Nov 27, 2018

News Clips for November 27, 2018


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National News

Report: State Pension Liabilities Now Exceed $1 Trillion
     U.S. states' collective net pension liabilities surpassed $1 trillion for the first time in fiscal 2017. That's up nearly 11 percent from $892 billion for fiscal 2016, according to Fitch Ratings' 2018 State Pension Update.

State News

CalSavers: A Pathway to Secure Retirement for 7.5 Million Californians
    Hollywood has created a popular image most Americans have of California, where we all live in a sunny paradise with homes lining the beach or in lush suburbs

Treasurer Proposes Steps to Strengthen Teachers' Retirement Fund
    Connecticut can shore up its underfunded Teachers' Retirement Fund with a $3 billion infusion form state lottery revenues and other assets, Treasurer Denise Nappier told the Pension Sustainability Commission Nov. 16.

State's unfunded liabilities crisis has a silver lining
    Soaring public pension and health benefit costs will be slamming Hawaii's county governments in coming years, forcing them to consider cutting important government services or increasing taxes - neither of which are attractive options.

Public Employees Retirement System shows nearly an 8% net return on investments
     IPERS CEO Donna Mueller says the report shows the pension system had $32.3 billion in assets on June 30, 2018.


Maryland could finally stabilize pensions. It just needs foresight - and leadership.
     THE RICHEST state in the union, as measured by household per capita income, Maryland has no shortage of resources with which to fund its state government.



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