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August 8, 2017: NCPERS News Clips
Posted On: Aug 08, 2017

News Clips for August 8, 2017


National News

Trump must tackle the financial issues of Main Street Americans

     More than 200 days into Donald Trump's presidency, we now have a clear answer on whom his administration will serve: Wall Street and corporations.

Washington offers hope over retirement security

     Industry seeing signs that advancements will be made this year

This solution to the retirement crisis may be in your future

     A survey conducted by Time last year reported that one in three Americans has saved nothing for retirement, and that 56 percent have saved $10,000 or less.

Pension Plans Had a Great Year, But Retirees Likely Won't Benefit From It

     One good investment year isn't enough to fix struggling systems' problems.

How the U.S. government is making it harder to retire

     Tens of millions of Americans have set little money aside for retirement, battered in recent decades by one financial crisis after another and adrift in an economy that has gradually shifted the burden of saving almost entirely on employees. Now they can point to another impediment: The U.S. government. 

New Workers Must Save 20% of Income to Match Baby Boomers' Retirement

     Report finds new workers face "hostile economic environment."

State News

AZ Reps Urge Voters to Change State Constitution for Pension Reforms

     Finds issues with PSPRS' DROP system, looming statewide crisis.

California Democratic Party crushes GOP in campaign fundraising

     If there was ever any doubt about which party controls the Capitol, last week's campaign finance disclosure presented the latest evidence.

CT Officials Pass Pension Concession Labor Pact

     The state seeks to close a $5.1 billion shortfall in two years.

Rauner Vetoes Education Funding Bill, Removes $250M For CPS

     Gov. Bruce Rauner has followed through on a threat to slash funding for Chicago Public Schools included in an education funding bill, a move that threatens state money for every district in Illinois.

Gov. Bevin promises to fix Kentucky's ailing pension system

     In a video released through social media, Gov. Matt Bevin once again promised that Kentucky's broken public pension system will be fixed.

Michigan pension reformers turn their attention to local governments           

     Having successfully tackled teacher pension reform, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and state legislative leaders now want to devise a plan to rein in pension debt at the municipal level.

Pension costs dominate Pa. education conversation in Harrisburg, amid other competing priorities

     Much of the debate in Harrisburg this summer has been centered on how Pennsylvania should overcome its $2.2 billion deficit

After shared sacrifice, Dallas Police and Fire pension problems addressed

     Changes impact current retirees, current employees, and current and future taxpayers

Canadian News

Canadian Pension Returns Positive Despite Negative Equity Returns

     Tracking service has reported five consecutive quarters of positive results.


Public pension funds like IPERS are not safer in hands of private companies

     But, in every retirement think tank I have been involved with, the undercurrent has been that Social Security and public employee pensions such as IPERS are not sound, so we should trust private companies to take our donations and decide how much they want to return to us each month.


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